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The objective of the course is to read the Prophetic corpus in the Old Testament, to understand the figure of the prophets and his/her role in the history of the People of God. Each prophet will be encountered within his/her context and within the context of the literature they have left us in order to allow the students to perceive the ongoing relevance of this literature in our lives as Christians today. Literary links with the New Testament will also be explored.


1. Prophetic Books - an introduction a. The prophet – who is he in the Bible? b. The prophet in the Bible and the prophet in the ancient world c. The prophets in the history of Israel d. The canon and the prophetic books e. The prophets and the New Testament f. The literary genres 2. Book of the Prophet Isaiah 3. Book of the Prophet Jeremiah, Lamentations and Barukh 4. Book of Ezekiel 5. Book of Daniel 6. Book of the Twelve Minor Prophets 7. Readings from the Prophets a. Who is a prophet? b. “Riv”: complaint, process and threat c. God – Tue and false relations d. Humanity – True and false relations e. History of salvation f. Critique of prophecy: Book of Jonah g. Prophets in the New Testament h. Conclusion: Prophets today Learning Outcomes: • The student would be able to read the Prophetic literature within its historical context and within the Church as the living Word of God, constantly relevant for our lives.


Professor’s notes Bibliography: Blenkinsopp, J. A History of Prophecy in Israel. Louisville: John Knox Press, 1996. Heschel A. J. The Prophets, Jewish Publication Society, 1962.